The Fluffy Slide Trend

By now you have probably seen many sparkly instagram posts featuring fluffy sliders. Having been made popular by the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, they are popping up everywhere.


Rihanna’s own FENTY x Puma sliders; image by Haus of Rihanna

As soon as I discovered the furry beauties I knew I had to have them! You’ll soon learn I am a lover of all things fluffy and pom pom. In my mind, there isn’t anything better than easy slip on shoes with a touch of fluff.

However, I did question whether they were actually wearable?

I have gathered 3 different brands of the trend in order to compare.img_2853

The first pair of sliders I picked up where from BooHoo, they were available in black, baby pink and baby blue and only cost £16. The first thing I found was that they were really small fitting and you should definitely buy a size up if opting for this pair!

The fur, at first, almost seemed too thick to walk comfortably in. After a few wears though the fit becomes looser and now I am perfectly happy wearing these comfortably! The baby pink colour though, which I am in love with, make these sandals a lot harder to wear out of the house. The colour added with the style definitely make the shoes look like slippers to some.

So far I have only braved wearing this pair on short trips to the shop and friend’s homes. Other than that I tend to wear them around the house in place of actual slippers!

The most expensive of the trio are the FENTY x Puma sliders in grey. These sliders are a part of Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma and are the most expensive of the trio, costing £65. They are available in black, baby pink, grey and white. I would have every colour if I could!img_2860

In my opinion, they are worth the high price tag as the quality is amazing. None of the high street look a likes I have came across measure up. Not that they’re not lovely too.

The FENTY slides are much fluffier and more comfortable, unlike the other two pairs which need to be broken in. The sole is very light and make the sliders easy to walk in without feeing like you’re dragging your feet.

Also I recommend that you buy a size down in these as they come up quite large, a bonus in my opinion as long as you know beforehand!

Of course the major difference between this pair and the others is the embroidered ‘PUMA’ logo across the band. This doesn’t take anything away from the sandals and if you’re one of those types that doesn’t like your clothes to have big brand logos all over them I don’t think these would be a problem!

If you have the budget and the persistence to try and grab a pair of these on a re-release then I definitely recommend them.

Finally, the last pair I have to review are Schuh’s own brand black sliders. They are slightly more expensive than Boohoo, but at only £20 they’re still very good value for money! The colour options are limited to the black pair pictured below and to a combination of white and pink!

Again they do need breaking in, but nowhere near as much as the Boohoo pair did. And they’re much better quality as the soles don’t have the obvious rubber feel to them and so don’t seem as cheap.

They’re also the most wearable, in my opinion. Unlike the baby pink, they don’t have an obvious ‘slipper’ appearance and so aren’t as ostentatious. I wore these sliders to uni a few times, pairing them with adidas leggings and a plain top, and I loved how comfy and easy to wear they were.

At first I was worried that I’d maybe get a funny look or two, but after an hour I felt completely fine and thankfully didn’t attract any unwanted attention.

If you’re a student and often find yourself rolling out of bed at the last minute like me, then these may be the perfect shoes for you!

All three pairs have their good qualities and I don’t think any are a waste of money! Depending on what occasions you’d wear them and how often, I think you should be able to decide which pair is best for you.

So, what do you think of the new trend? Do you have a pair or would you want some? I’d love to hear what you think!

The sliders featured in my post are available here:

Boohoo £16 

FENTY X Puma £65





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