A Very Lush Halloween


Halloween is my second favourite holiday – of course Christmas is number one – and so as soon as October rolls around I don’t hesitate to pick up every ghost shaped, orange coloured product I can find.

From homeware to fashion, from beauty products to jewellery, if it’s halloween themed it will not take a hard sell for me to buy it.

Of course, there is one given product that everybody should be aware of by now and that is the infamous Lush halloween range!

I work in the amazing smelling shop and so couldn’t resist getting some of my favourite products to take home myself to try.


I bought the ‘Pumpkin’ gift set, £20.95, which includes 4 of the seasonal products and the decorative knot wrap.


Inside the smiling pumpkin you will find; a ‘Lord of Misrule’ bath bomb, a ‘Sparkly Pumpkin’ bubble bar, a ‘Boo’ bath melt and a ‘Pumpkin’ bath bomb.

The four products purchased by themselves total £15.35 so if you are on a budget I would recommend buying the items seperately.

However, I think the pumpkin decoration makes for a lovely gift or as an extra little treat for yourself. The Lush knot wraps are collectable and can be re-used as hair scarves, decoration and in many other ways.

In the parcel, you also receive a little booklet which details the different items inside, a useful extra if giving the set as a gift or to refresh your memory.


On top of these 4 little treats, I picked up a ‘Monster’s Ball’ bath bomb , £4.25, and a ‘Goth Fairy’ shimmer bar, £5.50.

The first product I decided to try was the ‘Monster’s Ball’ as I loved the look and smell. I was instantly reminded of Disney’s Mike Wazowski when I saw the purple, one eyed ballistic.


With a refreshing lime scent, this bath bomb is perfect if you want to feel uplifted and relaxed. That’s if the cute monster hasn’t already helped with that!

The ballistic explodes in the bath, turning the water a gorgeous mix of pink and blue. As the colours swirl and bubble together you are eventually left with a deep blue water that has a slight shimmer to it.




I love the effect this bath bomb has on the hot water, however, my favourite in terms of scent has to be the ‘Pumpkin’ ballistic.

It smells of vanilla mixed with spicy cinnamon which makes for a warming scent that instantly makes you feel cosy. Perfect for the crisp Autumn season! Predictably, this ballistic turns the water an orange colour.

The final bath bomb, ‘Lord of Misrule’, is not for me personally as the scent is a lot more earthy. However, this is one of the more popular products as there is even a shower gel available!

The centre is a deep wine colour which turns the bath water a bubbling mix of green and red. Much more fun than the latter and easy to see why its a fan favourite!

‘Boo’ bath melt, £3.50, can just as easily melt your heart with the cutest little face imaginable!


After dropping him under the hot running water, he melted almost instantly.

Making the bath feel silky smooth with its cocoa butter formula, this bath melt is perfect for a relaxing night.

The ‘Goth Fairy’ shimmer bar, £5.50,  is the first product of it’s kind I have tried from Lush and it has not disappointed!

This shimmer bar glides over skin leaving a sparkly lustre behind! Perfect before glittering nights out or if you just want to inject a little shimmer into your life.

My above GIF doesn’t do the bar justice as it is much more glittery in person! And also leaves your skin smelling sweet and fruity with a moisturising feel!

While it is a little pricey for such a small bar, I do love and recommend this little fairy!

I still am yet to use all of the products featured in this post, but I will be updating it as I use them. So watch this space and follow my blog for more!


Remember that if you’re interested in any of the Halloween Lush range then you had better pick them up soon before they’re gone!

Don’t forget to let me know which products you’ve been loving and which you want to try!

Have a very Happy Halloween x


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