My Autumn Home Haul

Homeware is possibly my favourite thing to treat myself too, probably because it’s easier for me to feel less guilt every time I do!

Autumn brought with it crunchy leaves, dark nights and new home ranges!

So I took the opportunity to refresh my bedroom with a new style and look.

I hope this post gives you some styles and ideas for cheap bits you can pick up to give your room an update!


The majority of the items I’ve gathered are from good ol’ Primark! Who doesn’t LOVE their homeware section?

The product which kicked off this whole haul for me was the stunning quilted throw in a paisley print!

The quilt is a mix of gorgeous burgundy, red and orange colours that create the paisley pattern, perfect for Autumn!

Piped with burgundy, each corner has a dainty, beaded tassel to add an extra little touch!

Priced at only £17, these quilts sell out really fast. The summer version that was brought out months ago was equally as stunning and seemed to be gone in an instant!

So this is a great replacement quilt to swap out those vibrant colours for muted, warmer tones.

I decided that a new quilt called for new bedding!

And lucky for me, Primark has began rolling out the brushed cotton range they stock during Winter!


I can’t describe how soft and warm this material is! Definitely worth investing in if you hate the cold, as this is just an extra toasty layer.

However, I have found these covers nearly impossible to eave in the morning, so be warned!

There are a few patterns to choose from, but I picked a grey paisley as it can be paired with lots of colours and I’m a cushion hoarder!

Primark also offer pillow cases and sheets in the same brushed cotton in a variety of colours.

Also for my bed, I chose a couple of items from the new GabriellaXPrimark range.

Gabriella is a popular vlogger who has teamed up with Primark in the past to create popular homeware and stationary lines.

My favourites were this gorgeous baby pink duo! A matching pillow and throw lined with soft pom poms.

It’s everything I love! This pair also look lovely against the grey bedding.

I also got a couple other items from Gabby’s range as the baby pink theme continued, but with the addition of cats!

Yep, it got better.


The cosy socks and glass mug make a perfect gift when bought together!

I definitely favour the cup, the simple design is so cute and I love the incorporation of the copper!

The socks are super soft and I love the pom pom nose!

Surprisingly, the cup was cheaper than even the socks, priced at only £2!

Not from Primark, but equally budget friendly, are these copper fairy lights.


Only from Poundland, of course these lights are the bargain price of £1!

They are battery operated so can be placed anywhere in your room. I’ve already shuffled these from my make up table, to my bed to my windowsill.

They would even look great on the Christmas tree! Anyone else going for a copper theme this year?

The only think I don’t like about these lights is the blue bulb, I think a white would have had a much better effect.

But at only £1, who  can complain?

The last product I have, and by far my favourite, as these net pompoms from Pretty Twisted!


I love love love these floating beauties! In three different sizes, that largest ad most expensive is only £2.50. And they’re all handmade.

I picked the large grey and medium peach, both pictured above. My room and blog colours!

Already, I regret not buying more of these as they’re stunning! Despite not having any idea where to place them in my room as my ceilings are impossibly high.

I do think they’d look great in front of the window. I will update this post when I have placed the puffy pom poms!

Let me know whats on your homeware list for Autumn, and follow my instagram for more homeware updates!

Watch this space for a Winter homeware haul! Even more exciting than Autumn as we can get Christmas involved. I’ve already started buying!

Love, B x


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