My Facial Rescue Team

With the Winter season having set in the cold weather dries out my skin faster than I know what to do!

Usually, I have quite clear skin with no real issues, but when I feel a breakout coming along I am in panic mode trying everything to stop it!

But thankfully, after working in LUSH for the Christmas period I’ve gotten to know the skincare on offer very well.


I thought I would put together a little video to show you some of my favourite products for getting my skin back under control!

Tea Tree Toner Water:

I use this mini spray after I’ve cleansed my face both before putting my make up on and after taking it off on a night! It’s a great way to keep your skin that extra bit clean and the antiseptic elements prevents any spots.

The toner waters from Lush are also great to spray throughout the day to refresh your make up!


‘Grease Lightning’ Spot Treatment:

An absolute god send where you can basically get rid of spots over night!

Use a pea sized dollop over the spot area before you go to sleep on a night and wake up with the problem solved! I can’t recommend this product enough and surprisingly lasts a really long time.



‘Let The Good Times Roll’ Facial Cleanser:

I won’t lie- I bought this cleanser due to the fact it has actual pieces of popcorn inside and the amazing smell! A winning combo already.

But this quickly became my daily cleanser as I can’t get enough! By just adding a bit of water to create a smooth paste, your skin is left feeling clean and moisturised from this sweet smelling wonder!



‘Ocean Salt’ Face and Body Scrub:

Possibly my favourite product of the bunch! Are you ever just so fed up with your face that you want to scrub it off and start again?

Well maybe you’re not as extreme as I am, but still this is possibly the best exfoliator going.

I use this scrub on my face and upper body but it can be used anywhere. Scrubbing it into your skin exfoliates all impurities and unclogs pores. Then simply washing away excess leaves you with super soft and clear skin.

What more could you ask for?

Just don’t let any of this product into your mouth when washing it away, it is literally like rinsing your mouth in salt water! Ew.


‘Mask Of Magnaminty’ Face and Body Mask:

What better way to end your routine than with a face mask?

I personally love all the ones that LUSH have to offer! But Mask Of Magnaminty is definitely one of the best for breakout skin.

It is also one of the few masks which are self preserving, I’m terrible for remembering to return fresh face masks to the fridge and they don’t last as long!

However, use this one in moderation! Once every couple of weeks is best as using it excessively can dry out your skin.

But when it is a Magnaminty night you appreciate it that much more!


See anything you’d like to try?

You can browse the LUSH website here for more skin care products or even pop down to your local store and ask for a sample!

What skin care products do you swear by? I’m always looking to try new things!

Love, B x



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