Lush Kitchen Delivery

Today I received my first Lush Kitchen delivery! A little Christmas treat to myself – I’ll be honest – I forgot was coming!

So what a lovely surprise it was when this cute, little box was delivered to my house this morning.


Fresh from the kitchen, of course, I received a ‘Snow Fairy’ scented solid perfume and a ‘Christmas Angel’ bath bomb.


I ordered the products off of the Lush Kitchen menu of Tuesday the 20th December. For those of you who don’t know, the Kitchen menu changes nearly daily and once the products are sold out then thats it!

The weeks menus are advertised on the instagram here.

As soon as I saw that the solid perfume was being released I knew I had to try and order it. Snow Fairy is my favourite product from Lush – the candy floss sweet scent is amazing!

Last year a 30ml liquid perfume was released and I adored it – of course once I ran out I couldn’t find it anywhere else. I would have preferred another liquid perfume, but for only £9 the solid perfume is a good alternative.

I had totally forgotten that I also ordered a Christmas Angel bath bomb (£3.50) , but the pink fairy looks as though she belongs with the perfume.

However, despite the look of the bath bomb it has a very fresh and minty scent! Definitely reminiscent of tooth paste so I think this bath bomb would work a lot better to wake you up.

‘The herald angel of minty magnificence’ is definitely true.

I’m very excited to try this one, the cocoa butter sounds amazing and I’m hoping the pink transfers to the water!

Inside the box you also receive little postcards which tell you who made each product, featuring a picture of them doing so!


Both of my items were made by ‘Peter’ and I think this is a lovely little way to remind the customer exactly how fresh and handmade the products are.

The snowman sticker on the outside also lets you know who packaged the parcel, I got ‘Adrien’.

Overall, you can’t fault the Lush Kitchen’s presentation skills, every part of the process was easy and so I’ll definitely be ordering from them again!


You can shop the Lush Kitchen here!

What is your favourite Lush Kitchen product? And is there anything you wish they’d bring back?

I’d love to hear your opinions on the Kitchen!

Love, B x



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