You’ve Got Unicorn Mail!

For a while now, I have been on the hunt for a new set of make up brushes. My own collection is full of mismatched brands – which I still love – but I thought my make up table could benefit from an upgrade!

Of course, there are many well established brands we all know and love like Real Techniques, Elf. and Morphe etc. But when I saw the Unicorn Lashes brand of Make Up brushes on my instagram feed I instantly fell in love!


This unicorn inspired brush collection is available from the Unicorn Lashes website here.

They usually sell out quite fast and are limited to one purchase per customer!

Priced at only £45, you are getting 10 gorgeous, rainbow brushes and a case to keep them in! This works out at less that £5 per brush, so it’s definitely a good deal.


The stunning, holographic diamond opens out to reveal the brushes and when you first receive them they are each individually wrapped inside!


Even the box itself is stunning! The artwork is really unique on the inside and when the box is closed it read’s ‘You’ve Got Unicorn Mail’. Frankly, I wish all my post had this written on!


Inside the purple parcel, there is a simple guide included which lists the names of all 10 brushes and the best way for them to be used!

The 10 brushes all have unique and clever names:

  • Blending in My Cardio
  • Fleeky Brows
  • Whisp Me Away
  • Chisel Cheeks
  • Spot It
  • Crease Proof
  • Strobe Alert
  • Buff Up
  • Bare Faced blush
  • On Cloud Glitter


The design is beautiful, the handles are pearlescent unicorn horns whilst the brush heads are made up of pastel, rainbow bristles!

My major worry before ordering these brushes was that they would be all about the ‘look’ and not actually very functional. This is definitely something I needn’t of worried about!

The quality is amazing, the brushes are super soft whilst still firm so they smooth over your face without streaking make up.

I can’t wait to use these brushes properly and I’m so happy I managed to get some on their release in November! I’d definitely recommend them.


Unicorn Lashes also sell a range of false eye lashes and glitters, created by Mel blue. You can see more of her products on the official instagram page here.

You can also see a sneak peak of the new range of Unicorn Brushes, the ‘Royal’ collection!

What do you think about these Unicorn inspired make up brushes? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love, B x



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