Trying DIY Japanese Candy!

Does anyone else’s 22 year old sister order DIY candy kits from Japan? Nope? Just mine then…

‘Kracie Popin Cookin’ kits are the latest trend which see’s mini meals cooked by just adding water! If you can call that cooking anyway.

I’m only surprised that my older sister, Lucy, hadn’t ordered some of these cheap kits sooner.


Priced at less than £5, the quirky kit is available to buy on Amazon here. The kits are shipped from Japan so be warned that you may have to wait a little for it’s arrival.

There are a large range to choose from with this one being described on the website as a ‘DIY set for making Taiyaki pastry in fish form, Odango, strawberry mochi and soda’. Who wouldn’t be sold by that?

Included is:

  • 6 x Powder Bags (The ‘Ingredients’)
  • 1 x Plastic Cup
  • 1 x Mould
  • 1 x Spoon


I wish I could write a step by step guide of exactly how to make these little snacks – but with the instructions being in Japanese – we simply followed the tiny diagrams on the back of the box and hoped for the best!

Although it is pretty straight forward as all you need is to dd cold water and the microwave is needed for one 10 second stint!

There was a lot (and I mean a lot) of adding water and mixing!

The powders got emptied into the mould tray provided to take shape, with some needing a little help!


So far they were looking good – although I wasn’t quite sure I knew what I was seeing! Lucy seemed to know what had to be done…

Now to add a little garnish…

Everything seemed to be coming together until the ‘pastry in fish form’ as it was labeled needed to leave it’s mould!


This definitely could have gone a little better, but it did actually smell quite nice! It reminded me a lot of stepping into a dessert bar like Creams, so I was excited to try this one the most.

Finally – the soda! I thought the mini cup was incredibly cute and the bubblegum smell as soon as this blue liquid was mixed was insane!


Here’s a look at everything put together on the make shift ‘plate’…


It definitely looks cute, but edible? That’s another story.

Of course my dad wandered into the kitchen right before the taste test!

As you can see he wasn’t a fan, and I’m not sure I was either! Between the three of us we couldn’t even finish the tiny drink, which I’d actually had high hopes for.

The strawberry jelly inside the mini parcel ‘thingy’ was actually decent but I’m not sure it made up for the wrapping it was dressed in.

And finally, the fish pastry was almost like a mini cake sandwich with a chocolate sauce inside! Definitely the nicest product we managed to create here.

Whilst the food may not have been a taste party, overall the kit was really fun and a cute, hip activity! For less than £5 I think it makes a great activity to do with kids or to give as a gift.

Lucy seems to think so too as she’s still waiting on 5 more kits to be delivered…

Have you tried the Happy Kitchen DIY kits before? Would you dare even taste what we created here? I’m surprised I did!

Love, a slightly sick feeling, B x


3 thoughts on “Trying DIY Japanese Candy!

    • bethanyheslehurst says:

      I think they’re probably a hit or miss depending on which kits you buy! But they definitely don’t taste how you’d imagine, if you change your mind and try them I’d love to know what you think! :’)


  1. All the ame says:

    The Happy Kitchen kits are really fun, but you’re right they just don’t tend to taste good. Any other brand of DIY kit we’ve tried tastes a lot better though so don’t give up hope for a fun and tasty kit! ^_^


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