Make Up Revolution Lip Kit Review!


Whilst in my local Superdrug last week I spotted the latest offering from growing make up brand ‘Make Up Revolution’. The Kylie Jenner inspired lip kits; ‘Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit’.


I’m a huge fan of the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit range, but as they’re only available from America it can be quite expensive to get them shipped to the UK. So when I spotted this cheap alternative I knew I would have to try it!

Priced at only £6, the lip kit contains 1x lip pencil and 1x matte liquid lipstick.


There was 4 colours in stock at the time, I decided to pick up ‘Regal’ which from the packaging looked to be a ginger-brown type shade. Something slightly different than every other nude lip product I own!

Initially I was impressed by the smart black packaging with metallic accents, as well as the rose gold lid of the actual product.


Although the lip kit idea and contents was definitely taken from Kylie’s popular range, this is where the similarities stop. The packaging itself is different with the exception of the use of bold lips on the packaging.


The Revolution kit costs £6 whereas the Kylie Jenner lip kit is priced at $29 (roughly £23-24).

The image of the ‘Regal’ lip colour looks almost identical to the Kylie shade ‘Dolce K’ however they couldn’t be more different!

‘Regal’ is a bright shade of red I wasn’t expecting and I was really disappointed as it’s definitely not my colour. Before purchasing the product I scanned the box for any colour description and found none, so this was really misleading.

The liner went on very smooth which was a welcome surprise.



But the liquid lipstick felt awful on my lips, it was ridiculously sticky. I had to wash the lipstick off almost immediately, if I had kept it on I do think it would have quickly became patchy and flakey.



The lipstick does look quite nice – although red isn’t my shade! But I just couldn’t get past the feeling of it on my lips.

I perhaps would have been more forgiving in my review if the colour appealed to me but as it stands I definitely would not purchase one of  these lip kits again!

You can shop the Revolution lip kits here or they are available in most Superdrug stores!

Or if you have the extra money to spend I’d definitely recommend the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits available here.

It is true – you get what you pay for!

Love, B x



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