Catching up at Jump 360!

Before my friends went back to Newcastle after the Christmas break we decided we needed to have one last fun day out to tide us over for the next couple of months.

And what better place to do this than at Jump 360? The trampoline park in Stockton!


Well in retrospect, I’m not sure at which point of the planning stage I totally forgot about my fear of trampolines, but it was back in full force as soon as we arrived!

The ‘safety induction’ you first must endure though is basically a long video describing all the ways you can cause a broken bone or ‘instant death’.

That definitely did not put my fears to rest!

Despite this, I loved it! I was proud of myself for managing a few small jumps in a row whilst my pals were basically doing flips around me.

An hour at the park will cost you Β£12, this includes access to all of the trampoline activities and a pair of Jump 360 socks you must wear on the trampolines.

There are different areas to the park including a tight rope, battle beam, net crawl and a huge air bag for you to dive into.

Almost all of the activities end with you trying to claw your way out of a foam pit!

I did try a couple of the activities, but more often than not I just laughed at my friends attempts.

I’ve put together a short video to highlight how fun the trampoline park is! Watch it and decide if you think Jump 360 is worth visiting…

You can find out more or book a session online here.

Have you been to a trampoline park before? Or would you visit one?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and wether if anyone is as much of a baby as I am!

Love, B x


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