Try the Grey Stuff it’s Delicious!


January blues seems to be in full swing, everything is dull and we can’t wait for February to show it’s face!  The sky is grey and so are our attitudes…

But why is it we associate the colour grey with doom and gloom? It’s one of my favourite colours! It just makes me feel cosy!

So I thought I would compile 5 grey things to change your mind about this often forgotten colour!


1) The Tote Bag!


I love this wooly tote! From Jack Wills- it is the perfect size for taking to uni as I can fit my Laptop, books and all of the un-necessary things I for some reason think I’ll need!

Shop more Jack Wills bags here!

2) The Organiser!



Sticking with the university theme, I am obsessed with this mini organiser from the Zoella Lifestyle range.

It is exactly my colours with the grey combined with peach and copper! I picked this up as part of my 2017 resolutions to be more organised with uni and my life in general to be honest and so far it’s worked really well!

Shop the Zoella Lifestyle trend here!

3) The Slippers!



These are officially my bargain babies! I love love love them, from Primark and only £4! They are perfect to slip on in the morning or as soon as you come home and they’re incredibly comfy.

Also incredibly similar to the fluffy slider shoes I am obsessed with- you might recognise them in my post ‘The Fluffy Slide Trend’.

4) The Nail Polish


Barry M’s latest collection ‘Frosted Cupcakes’ is everything you would hope it to be! Lovely, sweet colours with little frosted flecks throughout.

I have a few grey shades from this brand and so as soon as I saw this one in my local Superdrug I knew I needed to try it and it did not disappoint! So inject a little grey into your life with these lovely polishes perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring!

Available for only £3.99 here!

5)  The Grey Stuff!

Any Beauty and The Beast fans reading?



Perhaps my childhood obsession with this film is the root for my love of the colour grey?

But if the grey stuff hasn’t already came to your mind since starting to read then you definitely need to re-watch the Disney classic again soon!

Last February, I got to visit the ‘Be Our Guest Restaurant’ in Disney World Florida, the only place on earth that sells the infamous grey stuff. And let me tell you it was in fact delicious!

Of course, I had to bring this stunning tea plate home with me, simply for display purposes! No one is allowed to eat their toast off of this little beauty.

To see more photos from my trips to Disney World then follow my instagram here!

So have I swayed you even a little? Or can any other grey lovers back me up?

Love, B x


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