Lush Kitchen Delivery

Today I received my first Lush Kitchen delivery! A little Christmas treat to myself – I’ll be honest – I forgot was coming!

So what a lovely surprise it was when this cute, little box was delivered to my house this morning.


Fresh from the kitchen, of course, I received a ‘Snow Fairy’ scented solid perfume and a ‘Christmas Angel’ bath bomb.

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My Facial Rescue Team

With the Winter season having set in the cold weather dries out my skin faster than I know what to do!

Usually, I have quite clear skin with no real issues, but when I feel a breakout coming along I am in panic mode trying everything to stop it!

But thankfully, after working in LUSH for the Christmas period I’ve gotten to know the skincare on offer very well.


I thought I would put together a little video to show you some of my favourite products for getting my skin back under control!

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A Very Lush Halloween


Halloween is my second favourite holiday – of course Christmas is number one – and so as soon as October rolls around I don’t hesitate to pick up every ghost shaped, orange coloured product I can find.

From homeware to fashion, from beauty products to jewellery, if it’s halloween themed it will not take a hard sell for me to buy it.

Of course, there is one given product that everybody should be aware of by now and that is the infamous Lush halloween range!

I work in the amazing smelling shop and so couldn’t resist getting some of my favourite products to take home myself to try.


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